Live Art and Music at Mission Tobacco Lounge

March 1, 2017

Downtown Riverside, Ca 

Alas, we approach a new month in 2017. On a mellow night in Downtown Riverside, we are accompanied by local artists. Among those artists were Miguel Flores, who did a display of live art in the form of painting, and if you bought a raffle ticket a lucky winner got to obtain one of his original art pieces created during the show. Also, 100% of proceeds made from raffle purchases go straight to the artist. Alongside Miguel were musicians Modern Racket, Never Old Bones, DVLWND, Whoever Controls London, and The Thin Lines. This is all apart of a Live Art Music Show  (L.A.M.S.) supporting local artists at Mission Tobacco Lounge. This is Volume 7 of a monthly series that I sure hope continues to happen. This is a wonderful attribute to the community and a great way to support local artists. 

By: Mik Elson