Live Sound: Hello Penelope

Live Sound

By : Thorn in R’side

9/3/16 - Hello Penelope @ The Vault

This group blew the night away with their slamming set as the crowd filed into The Vault, captivating everyone within earshot and setting the mood for everyone to enjoy their drinks and move along with the bands. The group was super tight and together, both in their music playing and in their on stage vibes, as their solid tones reverberated through the beautiful brick concert hall that is the back patio of The Vault. The five piece, drums, bass, synth, and guitars, were super animated in their playing, not afraid to slam their bodies or their instruments around the stage for the sake of lifting up the energy of the moment, at the same time maintaining fantastic control of their playing. The singer does not have the prettiest voice, but his energy and enthusiasm was so fully overwhelming that he carried the crowd along with everything that they were trying to do musically. Each of Hello Penelope’s songs were super dynamic and well crafted, full of tempo changes, beautiful harmonic interplay, and soul grabbing energy swells, carried by something of a pop-rock style with elements of psychedelia and punk. Each song in the set was unique from the last, full of slower softer sounds and fast and heavy jams, and could just as easily make a great album as it did a show. It was clear that each member of the band has a great time playing together, and their dynamic energy really grabbed everyone in the crowd and held it until the last note. Hello Penelope is a hidden gem in the IE, and any show they are playing is definitely worth seeing, as long as they are still here sharing their incredible tunes with all of us.

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