Live Sound: Bedroom Talk

Live Sound

By : Thorn in R’side

6/26/16 - Bedroom Talk @ Shadowplay Sundays

Performing with 11ty (eleventy) at Pixels weekly Shadowplay Sundays, Bedroom Talk brought a great time to a big Sunday crowd. Fronted by probably the best rock vocalist in Riverside, this four piece has been a favorite in the IE for some time, playing stages all over the area with venues hungry to have them back again. On this outing, the band brought a slew of heavy hitting songs and a lot of energy, jumping all over and around Pixels’ small stage, pulling the crowd and themselves out of the mundane and into the moment. Even with all of their rocking out you could not ask for a tighter band than Bedroom Talk, playing each of their beautifully written songs with ease, with all of them blasting out their great instrument tones. By the end of the set they brought it down into some of their ballads, closing the evening with the crowd demanding an encore with which they settled the room as the night came to a close. Though they are definitely an alternative driven rock band pushed by powerful and wide open vocals, they have something in each song that will satisfy a variety of tastes. It can be hard trying to own a room on a Sunday in Riverside, but these four humble guys slammed it, as they are just trying to have a good time and bring smiles to the faces of those in the crowd, friends and strangers alike.


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