Live Sound: Hunter Lavender

Live Sound

By : Thorn in R’side

8/6/16 - Hunter Lavender @ Back to the Grind

This new addition to the IE music scene brought some wild jams and laid out the schematics of their unique sound for this Nick Bahula benefit show at the Grind. The three piece, bass, drums, and guitar, slid through their whole set playing songs full of funk and soul filling the room with a sonic force which nobody in the room could deny the feeling of, or would even want to.

The vocalist of the group sent out smooth falsetto melodies that softly drifted over the top of the super tight and groovy tunes being thumped out of some incredibly solid instrument tones. The drummer of the group who plays in many other IE projects, does not play with very much swing as part of his signature style, which is uncharacteristic for a funky and soulful sound, but at the same time gives this group one more edge for them to wedge out their own slice of original sound. On top of their beats,
the bass and guitar player have created some really great effect pedal sounds, the bass making use of a great auto-wah filter like on old Parliament Funkadelic records, and the guitarist using great chorus, octave, and tweaked out delay effects in order to take the typical soul sound and send it into the stratosphere in a way which no other bands have dared to achieve.

The room full of people, which got more and more crowded as the set went on, were closing their eyes and bobbing their heads along just as deep into the sound as the band was. This was a great night for an even better cause, and there couldn’t have been a better band to close out the night, as this is a live band that will always well up indescribable feelings in your heart leaving you fully satiated and yet ready for more. Hunter Lavender is probably the best new thing in town and if you get a chance, make sure to be there for their musical magic. 


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