Live Sound: Heavy Door

Live Sound

By : Thorn in R’side

7/24/16 - Heavy Door @ Shadowplay Sundays

This was a small crowd night for Pixels and Shadowplay Sundays, and Heavy Door did not seem to mind at all, powering through the night as hard as they could. The classic drums, bass, guitar three piece kicked out rock and roll mixed with an 80’s sound which confounded at first, but their awesomeness overwhelmed any doubts or confusion a listener might of had.

These guys have been playing with many bands in Riverside through the years and it shows, the bass player and drummer were as locked in as could be, and the guitarist would punctuate the jams during his leads while using some whacked out wild effects. Though the crowd was small, they definitely had some die hard fans in attendance and everyone was absolutely captivated, and it did not hurt that the band had great rapport, making jokes and bringing the crowd along with them through the set, clearly very comfortable on stage.

Throughout the set they played many short songs in rapid fire succession, all of them full of energy , giving the show an almost punk rock feel utilizing a different sound. None of their songs carried too much complexity though the point of the group is not to be flashy, but to rock out and have a good time with everyone ready to listen. Overall, Heavy Door is a band that anyone interested in local Riverside music must see, and whatever the size of the crowd or the energy in the room, they will put on a great show.

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