Live Sound: Family Of Light

Live Sound

By : Thorn in R’side

7/15/16 -Family of Light @ Back to the Grind


Family of Light has been playing all over the IE for some time now, and you can count on them bringing their all every single time. Closing out the night at Back to the Grind to a full crowd, this six piece group comprised of drums, bass, two guitars, synth, and the wild card sax, flute, and percussion player, played an hour of heavy hitting rock-roll-funky-psychedelic-blues magic. The mood in the room was mellow, with tables set up in place of a dance floor, and the crowd comprised of old and young was ready to sit back and really soak in the impressively arranged tunes the band was slinging into the air. With so much sound being produced by this large group, it is no small feat that the sound never got muddied up and washed out, allowing for each and every tasty lick to pierce
through. The whole group was super tight and together and at the same time they always carry a definite jam band feel, with awesome guitar and wind instrument leads guiding the ship, carried by the waves of the groovy bass and super solid drums. Throughout the show the singers would trade lead for different songs, and at one point the bassist traded with one of the guitarists, giving an entire different feel to each of their songs from different points in the sound. Throughout the show there was a fun and friendly vibe from everyone in the room, which is hard to believe didn’t bleed into the streets of Riverside that night, which makes sense as Family of Light bring as much energy and spirit to the stage as any group could.

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