Live Sound: Shinobi Ghost

Live Sound

By : Thorn in R’side

7/3/16 - Shinobi Ghost @ Shadowplay Sundays

This Independence Day eve found Shadowplay Sundays at Pixels ringing out with atypical sounds thanks to Shinobi Ghost, a seven piece hailing from all over the Inland Empire. Following the hip-hop stylings of Taylor Karras, who brought the room down, Shinobi Ghost kept the party going, bringing old and young to the dance floor. The irresistibly groovy sonic waves emanating off the stage were a jazzy jumble, with funk, soul, R&B, and latin vibes mixed into their own batch of modern flavors, likely inspired by the groups BADBADNOTGOOD and Hiatus Kaiyote. Solid funky dance rhythms came thumping out of the bass and drums while the guitar and keys blended wonderfully shaped melodies together, with the sax jumping in to add that extra jazzy spice. The female vocalist and co-front of the band sung out smoothly and soulfully, throwing the band’s energy off the stage and into the crowd, aided by her energetic and charismatic rapping cohort splicing in rhymes and adding a little choppiness to the glassy lyrical waters she poured out. While none of the instrumentation was particularly flashy or out-front, each member of the group knew exactly how to fit their sound layers in, reaching an envelopment of tonal beauty. While the crowd was definitely imbued with the energy to dance, there was nobody moving more than the singers on stage, leading by example or maybe just having an incredible time with their own music, either way to an infectious effect. This is definitely not the typical venue for this kind of music, but Shinobi Ghost brought the audience out of their normal listening and left them hungry for more. Look for this group at any upcoming local shows, as it is a guaranteed good time.


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